5Any computer requires hardware so that it can be made to work. The hardware is what allows us to gain access to the software. Without the hardware it would be difficult to make use of the computer at all because the software would be totally inaccessible. So to gain access to cyber-space, it is important to have the portal one would need to be able to look at and make use of everything the software has to offer.

The video board is one such hardware. Everything seen on the screen is the product of the video board which enables the computer to display 3-D images, graphics for computer games, movies and other movies of the sort. These are all shown on the screen because of the videoboard. Basically everything that is stored in the videoboard is what is shown on the screen and, is part of the software.

The software has many different names- it is also referred to as the video adaptor, display card, video card and the display adaptor. These are just some of the alternate names for the video board. It is possible to integrate the video board into the motherboard or one could even attach this to the CPU. Nowadays the video board is attached to the motherboard itself and so, there is no need to purchase this separately. If you prefer getting these separately you’d need to get the previous versions of the PC since all PCs that are made now integrate the video board with the motherboard.

This way it would be possible for the video board to be read by the computer and the video board would then act as the expansion port which can be used in order to read the video card. These devices have their own RAMs (Random Access Memory) and can be used in order to store videos and pictures.

The graphic card has heat sinks and this can be used in order to spread out the heat emitted by the card itself. This would prevent the card from getting burnt or be affected by the amount of heat built up inside the card itself. This has video memory. The video memory as suggested by the title is the amount of memory the card has so that it could store such information. This is what the video board reads and brings on to the screen.




4When it comes to your computer’s hardware, this is your portal to your software. Think of the hardware as the skin and muscles of your computer while the software is like the internal part of your body: the organs that helps the whole system function.

The software is influenced by the hardware. Naturally it would be impossible to gain access to the software without the right hardware. This is why it is important to go for better and well-built hardware and this is the only way you can ensure that your computer works effectively. The most important part of the computer hardware is the memory. If you want to store anything, you need to be able to do so and this is another important function of the hardware. If you have too much information stored in your computer, you need to have the right hardware (a hard drive) so that you can store extra information on to it and gain access to it. Often, it is difficult to gain access the information stored on the hardware because of hardware of bad quality. Any consumer needs to be careful about this before they purchase hardware at all.

Many people do not see or understand the necessity of an effective motherboard. The motherboard is the most important part of the PC itself because this where any and information is transmitted, brought on to the screen and so on and so forth.

Then, of course, a good, fast, modern and updated CPU is needed in order to make a computer work. There are various models of the CPU seeing as how these come with different pentiums (Pentium 1, 2, 3, 4) and these have different processors which influence their speed, effectiveness and the way they function as well.

Any good computer requires the right hardware to be able to operate things. For instance, if a computer’s keyboard were defected, the whole computer could be as spectacular as one would want but it would be difficult to work on the computer itself. Typing would be problematic and it would be difficult to browse the internet. Similarly if the mouse does not work properly it would be difficult to click on anything and that could really slow things down because one would have to use the keyboard to maneuver everything and this could be annoying and problematic as well.





3When it comes to choosing the right hardware, any computer owner has to keep a few factors in mind.

First of all, ask yourself what exactly it is that you need hardware for. If you’re the kind of person who just needs to use the basics and get things done, you can do so with any hardware. You do not need to go for fast computer mice or a keyboard with symbols and letters of other languages on the keyboard either because you could go for something minimalistic and basic because you don’t need to go for anything too extravagant.

If you are someone who has to type in other languages or if you are thinking about typing a book in a language that is not English, you would need a keyboard that allows you to do so. This is what is going to make it easier for you to do your work effectively.

As for computer mice, there are different kinds of mice that are designed differently.  Anyone, whether you’re a professional or someone with a computer at home, should go for a simple mouse. Computer mice with complicated designs or made in different shapes are usually for people with kids or who want to be a little more stylish. A simple mouse would be easier to deal with.

There are mice with balls (one mouse has one ball) in them and then, there are those that are called “laser mice”. You don’t need to worry about the wall falling out or about the ball of your mouse slipping out if you go for a laser mouse. These are also easy to handle and they are light. There are people who prefer mice with balls because that is what they are used to and also because they find that laser mice are too fast as well. Such people can stick to mice with balls instead.

Many people are used to video cards that are integrated into the motherboard. These have been recently designed this way though initially the video card came separately. If you own an older version of the PC, then, you would still have to buy the video card separately though you could just buy a new PC instead.

If you’re someone who’s into big LCD monitors you could go for these though you really could just stick to a simpler one.




2This is the second part of the article that was written previously. The previous article spoke about the main hardware: the PC, mouse, Power Supply and the RAM. This article will focus on the other parts of the PC and the computer which can be said to be part of the hardware.

The monitor is another integral part of the computer, too. If the CPU is the brain, the monitor is the face. This is where you’ll be able to see everything.

Then you’ve got the motherboard. The motherboard is called just that because of the fact that it is a major part of the PC. The motherboard is the engine of the PC. This is the central part of the computer’s PC. It is via this device that everything comes together. Information and data is transmitted via the motherboard and on to the monitor.

The CD drive is also part of the PC. If you want the PC to read anything on a disc, you need the CD drive to be able to get anything on the CD on to the monitor. CD drives have now replaced floppy drives which were initially used by those who wanted to save data and then, gain access to it by putting the floppy into different floppy disks.

The lens is part of the PC hardware too. The lens is what reads the data on the CD. This is part of the CD drive primarily. There is also the firmware. The firmware is something that is loaded from the Read Only Memory and it is between the hardware and the software. This is executed by the microcontroller and/or microprocessor.

Nowadays laptops and computers have DVD drives. This hardware makes it easy for people to be able to watch movies and gain access to information stored solely on such CDs. This is far more advanced as compared to the CD and floppy drives. The lens used to read DVDs is far more advanced as well.

The hard disc drive is where all the information is stored. This is often shown under the label of “D Drive” on the computer. This is where pictures, documents and large files are stored so that if anything should happen to the software- a virus may attack it, for example- some information can be retrieved from the hard drive whenever the need for this may strike.




1When it comes to desktops, the main thing that one needs to keep in mind is the fact that the hardware required for these computers is extremely important. After all, it wouldn’t be possible to use a computer if it’s hardware was defected or useless. Laptops have hardware, too, obviously though this article is solely about PCs, also known as desktop computers.

So what does one mean when they talk about hardware?

The hardware is something that is tangible and is required to be able to run a computer. Without this it is impossible to make use of the software, at all. The software, in comparison, is intangible. Everything you see on the screen, viruses and such like are all things that constitute or affect the software.

The Power Supply is one of the many devices that is part of a computer’s hardware. As the name of the device suggests, it is what enables one to switch on and “power” the computer so that it can be started. Obviously, without a Power Supply it would be impossible to turn on the computer and work on it at all. This is what gives the computer its life.

Then you have the PC itself. The PC is what needs to be attached to the monitor for any data to be shown on the monitor itself. The PC is what enables the computer to function. Without the PC it would be impossible to see or make use of any data. This is what brings the software on to the hardware, which in this case, is the monitor itself. Hence, the connecting one hardware (the PC) to the other (the monitor) is what makes it easy to see or be able to use anything and this is why it is often referred to as the brain of the computer, as well.

The RAM (Random-Access Memory) is another hardware which, as the title suggests, has more to do with the memory than anything else. Its sole purpose is to store any data which is accessed by the CPU.

To be able to make anything work or to maneuver anything on the monitor, it is important to own the wheel mouse. If you want to click on anything, open a page or be able to cancel or add anything on the monitor, you would need the mouse. This is really the only purpose of the mouse.